The makers of Galaxy Hi-Tech Coatings proudly introduce   Gal-Tech POROSIL - NP which is characterized by; High bond strength, excellent penetration into the substrate and thus makes the surface waterproof and water repellent. POROSIL- NP is an anionic acrylic polymer with medium viscosity and it consists of small finely divide...

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Thirty five years of research by an Australian insulation technologist resulted in a remarkable ability to stop solar heat transfer.

INSULTEC is a range of coatings and membranes which by its application to the external surface of a building will re-radiate 95% of solar infra-red rays, and 85% ultra violet rays back into the atmo...

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SEALERCOAT is an elastomeric, flexible single pack waterproofing membrane made out of 100% pure acrylic polymers under the technical collaboration of M/s Insulating Paints Pty. Ltd., Australia. Hair line cracks on walls and terrace can easily be filled by Sealercoat. It's smooth and sheen finish adds to the aesthetic look unlike other waterproofing products. Sealerc...

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Gal-Tech Multiproof-AP

The makers of Galaxy Hi-Tech Coatings proudly introduce easy to apply, an acrylic based Polymer modified cementitious protective and waterproofing slurry coating system. Two coats of MULTI PROOF composite slurry system are the unique solution to all your Problems related to water leakage and it protects from severe fungus, saltpeter and environmental attacks in the following structures.

Gal-Tech C.T.Epoxy

The makers of Galaxy Hi-Tech Coatings proudly introduce solvent free epoxy coating system. These are characterized by thick non-porous and highly resistant films as compared to conventional solvent containing paints which give thin films with inherent porosity. Solvent free epoxy coatings enjoy increasingly wider applications, not only due to better performance but also due to lower cost per unit ...

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Gal-Tech High Bond Epoxy

The makers of Galaxy Hi-Tech Coatings proudly introduce Gal-Tech High Bond Epoxy system which is characterized by; High Bond strength & Ability to cure under wet conditions. Basically Solvent-free epoxy in the form of adhesives, sealants, coatings and mortars are being widely used for repair, rehabilitation and strengthening of distressed structures. Generally d...

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