The makers of Galaxy Hi-Tech Coatings proudly introduce Gal-Tech High Bond Epoxy system which is characterized by; High Bond strength & Ability to cure under wet conditions. Basically Solvent-free epoxy in the form of adhesives, sealants, coatings and mortars are being widely used for repair, rehabilitation and strengthening of distressed structures. Generally damages are caused due to natural factors like ageing, weathering, earthquakes, fire accidents, exposure to aggressive environment resulting in atmospheric chemical corrosion, faulty design and errors at construction; limitation of concrete itself in meeting severe mechanical forces of vibration, abrasion, erosion and cavitation; faulty use in terms of over loading etc. It is possible to use Gal-Tech resins effectively in most of the cases mentioned above to ensure adequate repairs and strengthening.


1. Surface preparation: For repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures

Proper preparation of any surface is mandatory for chemical treatment. The loose and damaged concrete is removed by well controlled mechanical means to a depth sufficient to expose over the entire repair area. Then the concrete surfaces should be cleaned to remove laitance, dust, dirt, and other debris by sand-blasting. In case sand blasting is not possible, thorough abrading with a hard wire brush can be resorted to though it is not as efficient. If these methods are not feasible, chemical etching using 15% hydrochloric acid solution should be employed. The solution is applied over the surface liberally and left in contact for 15 minutes. This is then washed off with plenty of water followed by thorough drying with hot air. Ensure a clean, rough and dry surface for a successful performance.

2. Procedure: The Basic procedure adopted for restoration of concrete structures
  1. Protective coating of reinforcing steel is applied to protect further  corrosion of the reinforcement, with additional steel welded on, if necessary.
  2. The damaged portions of the concrete is then repaired with a new epoxy concrete after applying Gal-tech high bond epoxy for bonding new concrete to old concrete formulation to ensure a monolithic bond, which will enhance the effectiveness of the repair.
  3. As an alternative to new concrete, epoxy mortar can also be applied. This is, especially, useful in places where conventional curing of concrete is not possible.
  4. Subsequently, protective coating Gal-tech CT epoxy or pure epoxy coating is applied to avoid further corrosion.
3. Curing:

Gal-Tech High Bond Epoxy System exhibits high bond strength even under wet condition curing which generally exceeds the concrete strength. Though the initial curing is completed with in 24 hrs at 30ºC, the optimum strength is obtained after seven days at room temperature (30ºC).

4. Various Applications:

  • Repairing of submerged concrete surfaces.
  • Bonding of Old to Old and Old to New Concrete structures.
  • Bonding of Metal to Concrete
  • Fixing of ceramic and other Tiles
  • Fixing Machine Erection to Concrete


Avoid direct contact of resin with skin. Use of hand gloves during handling is recommended. If comes in contact with skin, wash immediately with nonflammable solvents.


Mix ratio Resin         100 parts by weight (pbw)

Hardner    50 pbw

Pot Life 30 minutes at 30°C for 500 gm mix
Appearance Resin        –  Clear liquid

Hardner  – Yellowish brown

Coverage 3-4 sq.m. area per kg of mix per coat