Thirty five years of research by an Australian insulation technologist resulted in a remarkable ability to stop solar heat transfer.

INSULTEC is a range of coatings and membranes which by its application to the external surface of a building will re-radiate 95% of solar infra-red rays, and 85% ultra violet rays back into the atmosphere.

“INSULTEC is the only SELECTIVE WHITE membrane in the world which absorbs minimum and emits maximum solar heat.”

INSULTEC is a water based co-polymer compound containing inert pigments & special fillers. It is a one component system with excellent adhesion, micro porous, impervious to salt spray & air born pollution, mould & fungus resistant. INSULTEC has been thoroughly tested & is acclaimed by world authorities on heat transfer.

INSULTEC stops the accumulation of radiated heat, on the roof it self, as it re-radiate U.V. & I.R. rays. Hence conduction and convection reduces unimaginably. As a result it either eliminates the need for air conditioning altogether or greatly reduces its running costs.

For last 10 years INSULTEC is manufactured and distributed in INDIA under technical collaboration with Insulating Paints Pty. Ltd., Australia.


  • Reduces solar heat transfer Caused by radiation (Re-radiates Solar UV & IR rays)
  • Reduces running cost of air conditioners
  • Is a Water Proofing coat
  • Decreases structural movements
  • Protects from salt & other air born pollution
  • Is a Long life and Cost effective coating
  • Fungus & algae resistant for many years

Widely Acclaimed, Cost Effective

and Various Applications of INSULTEC.

Conventional systems such as fiberglass batts, foam or reflective coatings, because of their lower thermal conductivity properties, slow the rate of Heat Transfer. They do not stop it. Throughout the day solar radiation transfers heat through the roof to the internal airspace, and the infrastructure below.

Once the heat is in, it is trapped, so even after the ambient temperature has dropped, the interior retains the heat. Thus requiring expensive energy consumption in the form of air conditioning.

Because INSULTEC stops the solar radiation heat accumulates on the surface itself, it either eliminates the need for air conditioning all together, or greatly reduces its running costs.

INSULTEC actually allows the inside air to cool at approximately the same rate as the outside ambient temperature.
Because INSULTEC re-radiates such a high percentage of solar heat, heat-stress problems related to concrete roofs and walls on multi-storied buildings are greatly reduced.

INSULTEC with its unique formula of resins, has a wide and varied application on Cementatious (RCC), galvanized and asbestos roofs, brick walls, tarpaulin and tapestry. IT CAN BE APPLIED BY BRUSH, ROLLER OR SPRAY.

INSULTEC membranes and coatings are also waterproof, scrub resistant, elastic and washable.

INSULTEC is widely used as protective coating on bridges and other Roadwork’s in middle east. INSULTEC has shown excellent resistance towards water vapor transmission, water absorption, carbon dioxide diffusion and Chloride Ion Penetration. Test certificates are available on request.

INSULTEC also resists growth of algae and fungus and comes with inbuilt warranty for many years.

INSULTEC is the only and ultimate coating for all exterior applications to get rid of the solar radiated heat.

Result : (As Certified by IIT – Bombay – Dec.’95)

Sr. No.

Amb. Temp.

Below the sheet



With Insultec

Without Insultec



29.5 0C

31.0 0C

49.3 0C

18.3 0C


30.5 0C

32.8 0C

54.4 0C

21.6 0C


32.5 0C

33.8 0C

57.5 0C

23.7 0C

Result : (As Certufied by IIT – Bombay – Dec.’95)