The only selective white membrane in the world; an water based elastomeric acrylic co-polymer membrane specifically formulated for all kinds of building roof and wall waterproofing cum insulation applications.

  • Flexible Coating System
  • Australian Technology
  • Waterproof and Insulates All External Structures
  • Covers Hairline Cracks and Honey Combs
  • Prevents Water Permeability
  • High UV and IR Resistant
  • Resists Chloride Ion Penetration
  • Highly Recommended for Seaside Buildings
  • Foot Trafficable
  • SRI – 102
  • Easy to Apply

Mix Ratio: 10% Dilution

Primer: Gal-Tech Multiproof-AP / Gal-Tech Flexi-Coat : 2 Coats

Top Coat: Gal-Tech SR-Coat+ : Minimum 2 Coats

Packing Availability: 5kg, 10kg, 30kg