The makers of Galaxy Hi-Tech Coatings proudly introduce easy to apply, an acrylic based Polymer modified cementitious protective and waterproofing slurry coating system. Two coats of MULTI PROOF composite slurry system are the unique solution to all your Problems related to water leakage and it protects from severe fungus, saltpeter and environmental attacks in the following structures.

  • Roof slab, Parapets, Terraces, Balconies.
  • Water tanks, Swimming polls, sumps
  • Bathroom and floor exposed to dampness.
  • Basements. Retaining walls. Tunnels etc.
  • Against corrosion and salt attack.
  • Wall Cracks treatment.


It is well accepted worldwide, the damaged skin or flesh of human body is always replaced only with the skin or flesh of similar body, and likewise damaged cementious concrete or mortar should always to be replaced by same kind of materials. But Cement particularly is having poor adhesive properties, low flexural and impact strength and mainly thin section fragility. Adding of Acrylic polymer like Multi Proof into the cement acts as a bonding agent and forms a hard impermeable film which Prevents not only water and fume but also allow structure to breathe. This film, unlike all other existing conventional materials, is flexible enough and to take care of thermal movements of structure and protect from severe attacks during all seasons



The area to be coated must be sound, clean and free from oils, grease or any other surface contaminates. Remove any loose materials or laitance by scraping, chipping, mechanical abrasion or any other suitable methods. Visible cracks, depressed or any porous substrates are to be filled or leveled using “MULTI PROOF” filler (see filler preparation). The prepared surface is to be adequately saturated with water at least one hour before application, but leave no puddle of water. Cleaning of salt attacked area can be thoroughly washed with diluted mimetic acid (used for toilet cleaning) followed by copious water till neutral to litmus. Precise and efficient surface preparation is essential to achieve the superior water proofing, adhesive qualities and economic coverage.


Take one part by weight of “MULTI PROOF” in to a clean container and then gradually add 2 parts by weight of fresh cement (in case of color wash use white cement + color) while continuous mixing till a lump free paintable consistency is attained. Never add liquid in to the cement. Apply prepared slurry onto the still damp substrate with the above proportion .The slurry coat can be applied by a wide flat brush or broom across the prepared Area uniformly. Apply the second coat of freshly mixed slurry soon after the first coat dries (drying time 2 to 4 hours). Stir frequently during use to offset settlement. Never use prepared slurry more than 30 minutes old.

As Slurry coat

Mix Ratio                 : 1: 2 ( Multiproof : cement ) by weight.

Application              : By brush or broom in two coats.

Coat intervals          : 2-4 hours after application of 1st coat

As Filler

Mixing Ratio            : 1: 2:  4 (Multi proof: Cement: Fine sand) by weight

Application              : By trowel or any suitable method for surface cracks. Make ‘V’

groove in the cracks and full it with modified mortar.


“MULTIPROOF” composite slurry system does not require continuous wet curing but, it is recommended only after 24 hours of final coat application sprinkling of water or cover with a plastic sheet to minimize rapid surface drying due to heat or air drying for next 3 days.


1)    Two or more coat of MULTIPROOF composite slurry are always recommended for longer durability and effective waterproof ness.

2)    The above systems are generally forms a hard but flexible film. To protect the film for longer period (in case of roof slab or pedestrian movement areas), it is always advisable to lay a thin section of lean concrete with proper slope.


Non-toxic but avoid inhalation. Non-flammable. Can be washed very easily with water and if it is dry can be washed with M.T.O.


Base                          : Emulsified acrylic polymer

Appearance                : White, Milky liquid

Solid content               : 32.5 ± 0.5%

Shelf life                     : One year if unopened and stored properly

Coverage                   : Slurry prepared with 1kg Multiproof + 2kg of cement will cover 25 to 30sq.ft area approx.

Available in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 20kg packs. Higher quantity packs are done against order.