SEALERCOAT is an elastomeric, flexible single pack waterproofing membrane made out of 100% pure acrylic polymers under the technical collaboration of M/s Insulating Paints Pty. Ltd., Australia. Hair line cracks on walls and terrace can easily be filled by Sealercoat. It’s smooth and sheen finish adds to the aesthetic look unlike other waterproofing products. Sealercoat has been tested by G.E.R.I. Vadodara & National Test House Calcutta.

It is the original formula used & performed in Australia for last 20 years. Same technology & matchless performance of SEALERCOAT is seen for decades now. SEALERCOAT A time tested exterior coating formula to protect house in all weather


When applied on Exterior walls and on terrace, it gives excellent water proofing. Because of its off white basic colour it looks better than other commercially available Bitumen based water proofing products. It’s bonding with any surface is so well that practically it is scrub resistant and cannot be removed by day to day use. Due to excellent opacity, Sealercoat eliminates paint or other coating completely.

“It is friendly to any other water based coat / paint, hence water based coating on top of Sealercoat is possible.”


1. For R.C.C. & Cementitious surface & Asbestos sheet

Surface preparation: Sealercoat consist strong water based resin. Hence it is essential to clean surface with water. Make surface dust & grease free, remove all previous coatings which may have loose bond with the surface. If required, scrub with wire brush or use scrapper to remove old flake, chips & dust. Use adequate quantity of water to clean the surface.

Weather cracks are prominent, open them to make “V” groove & fill it with two coats of Gal-Tech Multiproof. Incorporate L.D.P.E. Flexible net for better strength between two coats of Gal-Tech Multiproof.

Primer coat: On all smooth and prepared as above cementitious surface, apply Sealercoat with water 1:1. (Old, uneven and highly porous cementitious surface may absorb essential polymers of Sealercoat. Hence- apply one or two coats of Multi proof  for the best results & may omit primer coat of Sealercoat in such case) First & Second Coat: on primed surface, Dilute Sealercoat with 15-20% water & should be applied with an interval of 3 to 4 hours between successive coats.

2. For Galvanize or Asbestos Sheet :

Follow the surface preparation and coatings as mentioned above. If required apply zinc phosphate primer to avoid corrosion on Galv. Sheet.
Joint Filling: Between the overlaying joints of Galv./ Asb. Sheets, insert cotton bedding or gauze, soaked & dipped in un diluted Sealercoat for at least 2 inch in depth. (Length wise).  Glav. “J” bolts may be covered with cotton gauze dipped in undiluted Sealercoat & liberally wrapped around the bolt to cover sufficient area.


Standard 10% solution of acids and, alkalis, including nitric acid and caustic soda failed to cause any damage to the SEALERCOAT Membrane. Impervious to salt spray and show good resistance to water permeability.


Products manufactured by Chitra Insultec, Pvt. Ltd. is marketed in India by Weathertuff Marketing through Galaxy Hi-Tech coatings  network. Facility of Technical services for the application of Sealercoat, Insultec;  is available any where in Indiaand over seas through the associates with the marketing network.


SEALERCOAT is non-toxic & non- flammable. Sealercoat can be washed very easily with water and it is dry can be washed with M.T.O.

Solid Content 65±1%
Viscocity 22,000 to 40,000 CPS
Sp. Gravity 1.30± 3%
Component Single Component
Shelf Life 12 months in sealed Container.
Film thickness Wet.: 250 microns Dry : 150 microns
Thinner Water
Finish Sheen – Smooth
Drying Time (250C) 1 hr. touch, Re-coat 4 hrs.
Coverage 1 kg per 20-25 sq. ft. on smooth surface
Application Temperature +50C. Minimum
Shade & form White Breathing film
Tensile Strength 1.3 mpa (ASTM. D-412)
Elogation at break 22% (ASTM. D-412)
Hardness (share A) 60-65 (ASTM. D-2240)
Permeability 166 (ASTM. D-39 B)
Bond strength 0.6 (ASTM. D-297)
Reflection of light 79%
U.V. & weather Resi Satisfactory (ASTM. D-822)
( Carbon Arc Weather ‘0’ meter) (ASTM. G-23)